[Review] Dirk Gently, Series 1 Episode 3 - "When A Man Loses Sight Of His Carpet, He Is No Longer A Man."

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Well, that happened.

I had hope for you, Dirk Gently. I really did. I had hope that after last week, things were looking up, and that you'd end your series triumphantly, the first episode a rare misstep, overcome and exceeded. Instead, we got an awkward scene in a dilapidated hall full of convicts that confused me more than anything else this series has given us.

The episode starts mid stream, the police banging at Dirk's door, and the return of Dectective Inspector Gilks, in the form of Jason Watkins, the only shining light in this damp basement of an episode. From there we get probably the most straight forward case of the four Dirk's investigated, the only tangents the direct result of Dirk's on stupidity (and I mean that this time. Dirk has never been more blindly stupid then over the course of these fifty odd minutes). Someone is killing Dirk's former clients, those whom he haven't seen before of course, because with only three cases under his televised belt, and two of those employers already dead, it wouldn't have made for that exciting an episode. Not that it did, anyway.

The only element from the books to make it's way into this episode was the continuing war between Dirk and his cleaner, having been alluded to in the pilot. The episode is full of Chekov's guns, so much so that when they finally go off in the final minutes of the show, they all go off at once, and the sound is deafening (that's a metaphor. The scene itself is rather quiet).

Gone again is Susan. Gone again is the quasi-preternatural plot elements. Gone is nearly all the characterization that was built up last week. This show certainly loves the status quo, to the woe of the viewer.

I honestly don't have the words. Read last week's review, and reverse everything I said, because that's about where it stands now. This was an utter misstep, and one I don't think it can recover from. It just all went so wrong. I was right when this began, there are no comparisons to Sherlock, they are the antithesis of one another, first in function, now in form. The show has collapsed, and is over, and I am saddened to same I'm thankful it was only three episodes. I await the new series of Episodes to see Stephen Mangan in peak form once again.

Does Dirk deserve a second series? Based on the strength of this episode, no. A fifty/fifty return rate, one of which was an episode written nearly two years ago, is not good enough I'm afraid, and so, in this incarnation, I fear we have seen the last of Dirk Gently. It's sad, really it is. I wanted so much to love this show. I wanted so much for it to do Douglas Adams proud. I wanted so much for one episode to be about a mental patient who thought he was a Norse God, or for a Coke Machine to keep appearing in random places. I wanted better for Dirk, and twice we got something wonderful, and twice we got something about as reliable as handwriting analysis.

It's just such a damned shame.

Good bye Dirk, I'm leaving. Or rather, you're evicted.
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