Ron Swanson Reads Tweets, Successfully Gets Me Interested In Tweets

And because TBS is bitchy like that, the same video for non American viewers.

Numerous times over the past couple years, people have said that Ron Swanson, from NBC's Parks and Recreation, and I are very much alike. And while we disagree on the subject of riddles, we do share many core values. The role of government, fishing, facial hair, yoga and meditation, Organic Food Markets, child labour laws, selfishness, haircuts, and meat are but some of the topics in which we share common ground. In fact, during much of the second season of Parks and Rec, I was concerned that the writers of the show were reading my diary for source material. The average dairy entry appearing something like this:
Dear Diary,

Diaries are a waste of time. If you must have emotions, channel them into worthwhile endeavours, like woodworking, or eliminating the weak.

Fictionally Yours,

MR. Clark
Nick Offerman, the man who channels Ron Swanson on a weekly basis, is the new standard for the dead pan delivery, a worthy successor for Leslie Nieslon. Last week on Conan, he introduced a new segment, Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation Reads Tweets from Young Female Celebrities. It is wonderful, not only for the assortment of blades that he is holding during the segment, but that it give me an excuse to post my favourite picture of Ron, after the jump.

Courtesy of NBCUniversal

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