Settlers of Catan Is Serious Business

I was introduced to the Settlers of Catan, a board game of such ruthless detail and efficiency it could only have been invented by the Germans, through some prior associates. Aside from the fact that our sessions would ultimately devolve into shouted accusations about the other players inappropriate relations with livestock, these games were always fun, twisting and distorting time so that, when we finally exited, it was three o'clock in the morning, the dog had to be let out, and everyone had the odd desire for vodka mint milkshakes.

It's a fun game, is what I'm saying. So much fun that I have sunk a small fortune into buying every expansion, add on, spin off and special edition I can find. I even bought the computer game, which is hard as all get out to actually win, damned AI.

So this semi-serious ten minute documentary brought a smile to my face, if for no other reason then, yes, Catan will cause you to loath even the closest for friends, but in the end, all will be forgiven. Despite how many times they might move the robber onto your hex.

What, what is that? Yeah, a knight, you son of a bitch! Yeah, no grain for you now. Why don't you go cry me a river, Patty Lovelace, cause there's gold in them thar hills! YEEEHAAA!


Via /Film.
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