So, That's Where We're Going To Draw the Line

The trailer for Seth MacFarlane's first movie has appeared, and boy does it... he really...

This is the red band trailer, so expect a lot of cursing. No, scratch that. You won't be expecting as much cusing from a teddy bear as there is. It's a lot. MacFarlane is clearing working off the "more cuse words makes it funnier" theory, one usually trotted out when something isn't clever enough to carry itself.

From the first minute I heard about Ted, I thought it sounded a lot like a scene from a very funny episode of Supernatural, written by the master of bizarre comedy, Ben Edlund. Now that the first trailer has dropped, I've got to say, I'm not convinced MacFarlane didn't see this (cause the putz won't let me embed), and think "you know what this needs? Some unnecessarily long gags. And cusing. Lots of cusing."
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