1.21 Giga-blocks

For those not in the know, Lego has a Cuusoo site, wherein any fan can submit artwork. If the art gathers 10,000 supporters, the application gets put to Lego for official consideration to be made into real Lego sets. last week this process garnered negative attention when Lego turned down a Shaun of the Dead set that had reached 10,000.

Up next, the above Back to the Future sets, which look incredible. I would pay many of my very nicest monies for the Part II set.

However, after browsing the Lego Cuusoo site, I found something better. Something that as of this writing, has just shy of 7000 supporters. Something that I would pay all of my very nicest monies for, that if the universe were truly a good and right place, as those angry people on TV in the middle of the night are always telling me it is, must reach 10,000 supporters.

Lego. Serenity.

Please, visit here, and support him. Support all of the him. We have to make this happen. We live in a world where there are Lego Batman and Lego Hulks, Lego Johnny Depps and Lego ewoks. We need Lego Serenity, and there ain't no power in the verse should stop us.

Via Topless Robot.
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