Avengers Is Out, Batman Starts to Rise, Spider-Man Sits In The Corner "Shooting His Webs"

So, now that the Avengers is out (or as close to as is), the giant hole in nerd-based marketing can fill with Mr. Gargles With Gravel himself, Batman. Because you might be excused to have forgotten, what with all the Thoring, Hulky, Starkish, Agent Coulsonizing going on that Dark Knight Rises was once the most anticipated movie coming out this summer. Hell, with Prometheus out in June, it might not even be the smartest movie out this summer. But that doesn't mean it still won't kick every kind, sort, and variety of ass.

Couple things: first, this trailer gives us a pretty decent look at Catwoman, including a fairly definitive scene that establishes that she and Batman are allies. She also apparently has a relationship with Joesph Gordon Levitt, who is playing someone we know nothing about.

Second: sounds like they really did fix Bane's voice problem. My issue, now it sounds too clear, considering its coming out of a mask. There should be some amount of muffling. I know, you can't please everybody.

Third: Batman is so going to die. Unfortunately, that's not clever, because before this trailer everyone assumed Bruce Wayne would sacrifice himself, and the cowl would move on to someone else. This trailer pretty much reaffirms that position. Don't believe me? "You've given this city everything" "No I haven't. Not yet." Unless this is all a massive Kansas City Shuffle on Nolan's part, getting us thinking that Bruce will die, only to have him not and for all of us to go "ohhhh, I see what you did there." But, no, really, Batman is going die.

Fourth: that line at the end is a great line to end on, except the moment is ruined by the fact that we can clearly see the Batwing following the Tumbler scant seconds before. Just so long as he doesn't use it to gather balloons, I think we'll be fine, though.

Meanwhile, no one cares about the Amazing Spider-Man, though I'm sure it'll mean that Denis Leary will be on The Daily Show before the month's out.
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