Avengers Role Call: She-Hulk, Jessica Jones, And The Marvel Cinematic Timeline

Over the weekend, The Avengers brought in double the next nearest competitor. In it's third week. This Friday it has Men in Black 3 to contend with, which I don't see taking the 1st place spot away from Whedon. Not with a gulf that huge. Battleship may have been terrible, but MiB is a decade old franchise whose last entry most people don't remember. I don't think Avengers has anything to worry about until Prometheus, and as much as I'm looking forward to that, I still don't see it being a challenge. I think what will eventually unseat Avengers is theaters removing it from the screens.

To celebrate, here is a collection of Avengers related news that hit the web last week.

1) Angie Harmon really wants to play She-Hulk. Really really. Here is a photo she posted of herself to Twitter, and was retouched by one of her followers (gods, that sounds cultish).

When I did my list of future Marvel casting suggestions, I put forward Gina Carino as She-Hulk because she matched her physically. She-Hulk doesn't transform like Bruce Banner, she's just permanently green and buff. I did note that Carino isn't the best actor. Harmon is. And, I never would have considered her, but seeing that pic, and reading how passionately she wants the role, I'm sold. Marvel, there you go. She's certainly tall enough, and get her pumping some iron, and you've got an actress who would more than hold her own with Mark Ruffalo. Which, after the Avengers, is what's important.

2) ABC has passed on the pilot for AKA Jessica Jones, which would have followed a former superhero attempting to hold down a normal life in a world populated by the Avengers and the like. This is big news, for the MCU anyway, because it means that characters like Jessica Jones (Power Woman), Luke Cage (Power Man), Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) and Squirrel Girl (Squirrel Girl) are back in the cards in terms of movie appearances.  What isn't such good news is that ABC still wants to make a Hulk series, which might have been fine if the Avengers hadn't totally redeemed and redefined that character. Unrelated to the movies, we'd have two Hulks in pop culture competing for our love, and that might confuse some people. Plus, if the series sucks, that naturally detracts from the movie character (don't believe me. See how hung up everyone involved with any of the Hulk movies are with the old series. They barely mention the comics). I'd rather see Ruffalo in an HBO style mini-series that either charts his journey between Incredible Hulk and Avengers, or charts his journey after Avengers into what ever he'll appear in next. But that won't happen, so I'd rather nothing happen.

3) Having trouble keeping track of the MCU series of events? Don't know which order you should watch the movies in? For the record, my preferred order is Cap, IM, IM2, Thor, Hulk. Well, the book Art of the Avengers has provided the first official record of how things went down between the Asgard protection of Earth to the day Loki arrived. It's pretty cool, and here it is.

You're probably going to need to enlarge this.
Via The Mary Sue, ComicsAlliance and /Film.
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