Bond Approaches In New Poster

I'm confused. I thought Skyfall was set for a November release date, which is insane considering that they are still filming the thing. Even with minimal special effects, turning over a film inside six months is crazy talk. Why are they forcing this? Hold off, release it next spring, kick off the summer season of 2013. I mean, what else will we have next summer. Man of Steel? We're doomed. That's the 50th anniversary of Bond, so don't rush things. Rushing only makes things worse.

Either way, I'm torn about this poster. Bond posters (by benefit of there being so many) have ranged from creative to benign, and I look at the Skyfall teaser and I think, how much more boring can you get? None of the Craig posters have been great, mostly him walking away from things, which I guess this continues the trend. I get that the gun barrel is an iconic image, as is the gun silhouette, but I just can help but think it's lazy. Like it's been rushed. Wait, wasn't I just saying something about being rushed?

Via Den of Geek.
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