The Dark Knight Rises Might Suck? Wait, What?

An inflammatory title, I know, but for the first time, I think I'm worried about The Dark Knight Rises. Why? Watch this new TV spot, and then we'll talk.

He's retired? Really.

I love the Nolan Batman films. They are as close to perfect representations of the character as we've ever got from a non animated source. But what fundamental misunderstanding of the character did Nolan tap into when he decided that Batman would retire. I get that Bruce was tested by the events of the Dark Knight. That he had to sacrifice everything: his love, his morality (even if it was a lie), his very idea of what Batman is. But he came out on top. He refused to play the Joker's game, and he took the action that only Batman could, because, and if you missed this then you obviously weren't paying attention, Batman is an idea. He can't be hurt, or bargained with. He has no ego to bruise.

So, assuming that the police think Batman killed a bunch of cops, and Harvey Dent. Assuming that they are hunting him, that every officer in the city has spent the last eight years using every resource to try to find him and bring him to justice, you know what Batman would do? He wouldn't run away, lock himself in his manor and hope for the best. He's put on that suit every damned night, and he be out there, on every roof top and in every shadow. Because:

Batman doesn't stop because people are looking to hurt him, he puts a florescent yellow oval on his chest and makes himself a target. Batman doesn't rest because he's tired or sad, he channels that into making certain that every criminal in Gotham wets himself at the thought of committing a crime, and still goes out there just in case. Even if the Dent Law made Gotham into some strange utopia, where no crime is committed, ever, Batman wouldn't lie down. He'd still be out there, just to make sure, just in case there was that one dumb guy to decided Gotham was ripe for the picking. He fought his way through time. This is a man who honed his body and mind, for years, sacrificing his own youth and well being into becoming a living weapon capable of destroying anything that might harm Gotham, not so that he could be happy, because that's never going to happen. He does it so that no one else has to. So that no other little boy has to see his parents gunned down in front of him. Bruce Wayne is Batman so that no one else has to be.

And if he gives up on Batman, then he's failed. I really hope Nolan hasn't missed the mark on this, because that would be tragic.

After the jump I've placed another new TV spot, wherein Alfred says Batman isn't Batman anymore. Which makes my heart hurt.
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  1. My bet is that he continued to be Batman for some time after TDK ended, but eventually came to the conclusion that Gotham no longer needed him. Ironically, this gives him what he wanted at the end of Batman Begins, only Rachel is dead, leaving no joy in it. It also fits in with that line from the second trailer, "This is peacetime". Then Bane shows up in TDKR, and Bruce has to get back out there, setting up for Nolan's take on The Dark Knight Returns.

    1. I keep having to remind myself that this isn't comic Gotham, where there is a seemingly unending supply of superfreaks to keep him busy. It would make sense that Gotham has been at peace since Joker, if there aren't Poison Ivys, Penguins and Clayfaces running about.

      The most interesting thing from the trailers, for me, is the cane and limp. Is it a facade Wayne is putting on to distance himself from the Bat, or was he seriously hurt and that is what stopped him from Batmaning.