Dark Knight Rises To Avenger's Level, Begins Releaseing Footage, Images, Creepy 7/11 Drink Displays

I think it's a testament not only to the character, but to Nolan's version of the character, that the final theatrical trailer for The Dark Knight Rises featured very little Batman footage at all. That being said, I'm very happy that these two new TV spots, which are mostly just footage from that trailer, contains more Batman per minute, then the trailer did. That, and jokes. Oh, jokes are fantastic, aren't they? The Dark Knight series has always had a strange sense of humour, and usually it falls on Michael Caine of Morgan Freeman, but I'm not going to bitch.

Hit the jump for the second TV spot, four new banners, and the saddest Batman in the world.

Of these four, I like the Catwoman banner the most, and the last one, the war fronts, the least. The others are great little character pieces, though Gotham appears to be running low on step ladders, and Catwoman isn't very Catwoman-y in it. In fact, she hasn't been very Catwoman-y in any of her footage. One can't help but wonder, if a Catwoman doesn't catwoman, is she really Catwoman? Ask Halle Berry, I'm sure she can tell you.

And finally, the following image is a computer model of a Mountain Dew display that will be used for promotional materials in 7/11 this summer in the US. The final product probably won't look like this, and gods I hope not, because looking at it all I can think of is Droppy Dog.

Via ComicsAlliance, Den of Geek, and again.
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