Disaster Assessment Firm Declares Cost Of Avengers Invasion Damage. Not In This Economy

Kinetic Analysis Corp., is a disaster-cost prediction and assessment firm. Basically, they tally up the cost of physical damage, estimated losses of services, and cleanup after a major disaster. For example:
Kinetic's report said the financial costs of the 9/11 attacks came to $83 billion, the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami came to $122 Billion, and Hurricane Katrina came to over $90 Billion.
The Hollywood Reporter asked them to do a mock up of damage done to New York during the invasion at the end of the Avengers. The complete report, which can be read here, is a hoot, real tongue-in-cheek, and name checks Godzilla and Gozer as similar past events. Total assessment though, was $160 billion. For a small area of Manhattan (Cap demanded they contain them, remember). Poor New York. Makes you wonder how much it set the city back when Hulk "broke Harlem", or when Whiplash attacked Queens. If feel that in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, cleanup and reconstruction have replaced manufacturing as the backbone of the economy. There is at least one company making money off of it. Except in the breadbasket. No one attacks wheat.

My favourite bit though, was this:
"Most insurance policies have special provisions for acts of war, civil unrest, or terrorism. Given the involvement of individuals considered deities in some cultures (Thor, Loki), there is even the potential to classify the event as an 'Act of God,' although that designation would be subject to strenuous theological and legal debate."
You know that the insurance company would argue to their last that it was an 'Act of God(s)' if it meant they wouldn't have to pay.

Via ComicsAlliance.
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