Game of Thrones Remains Awesome, In Whatever Toys It's Made From

Here is a recreation of some of the Emmy-winning opening credits to Game of Thrones, done entirely in stop frame Lego-mation. Now, some of you might be upset that it only includes King's Landing, Pike and Harrenhal, but considering I once filmed a ten minute Lego-mation movie about Jesus being a modern day cop, hunting down his ex-partner Judas, these things are a bitch to film. Seriously, I cheated and cut in footage of the Bruce Lee-Chuck Norris fight from Way of the Dragon, and it still took forever to film. I say, give this man a pocket full of points and let him get on with his life.

Or, he could do Winterfell and Vaes Dothrak with Lego horses, and that'd be cool too.

Via Topless Robot.
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