Giving A Voice To The Clown Prince Of Crime, And The Dark Knight

I've spoken of my deep admiration of voice actors before. I think, to be in control of only a character's voice, you're responsible for imbuing that character with so much more authenticity then if you also had to contribute a physical performance. Adam Baldwin, during his appearance at the Ottawa Comiccon, made it very clear that he's of the opinion that voice actors are the most professional, talented people you can work with.

Which is why I love behind the scenes stuff like this, seeing how the actors craft their performance. It doesn't hurt that it's Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill performing their character defining interpretations of Batman and Joker. And it's real shiny that the footage splits screens, showing them perform while also showing the finished product. It also made my heart happy to see that they performed the roles together, rather then cold-recording.

Via The Mary Sue.
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