I Wonder What Abed's Opinion On Bowties Is?

Anyone who watched the final three episodes of Community last week knows that the show was very close to cancellation, and thus ended with a very series finale-type vibe. It was renewed for a fourth season, so there is more to come, though without creator Dan Harmon. Whether this is a good or bad thing depends entirely on what you think of Dan Harmon. Anyone who didn't watch the final three episodes of Community last week needs to leave. Right now.

OK. This is a video of all 102 instances of Abed saying the word 'cool' over the course of the three years of the show. It actually only goes up to episode 16, Virtual Systems Analysis, so it needs to be updated. Though, once they get to Digital Estate Planning, an episode in my opinion, better then both paint ball episodes, it might break the internet, what with all the little Abeds running around.

Did anyone else feel like, despite being the last produced and airing in the middle of an arc, it was meant to have appeared earlier in the season, and was held back for sweeps because of it's superior quality?

Either way, the show remains streets ahead.
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