In Which Flavour Do You Prefer Your Creature?

As I previously reported, the National Theatre is bringing Danny Boyle's Olivier Award winning production of Frankenstein to a movie theatre near you. They're calling it an encore performance, because apparently it already aired in March, but I never heard hide or hair of it, so I'm excited.

The main draw is the cast of Sherlock/The Hobbit star Benedict Cumberbatch and Dark Shadows survivor Jonny Lee Miller alternating the roles of Victor and the Creature, a pair of roles they now share an Olivier Award for. The encore will broadcast throughout North America and the United Kingdom under the following schedule:
Benedict Cumberbatch as the Creature on Thursday June 14th, and Saturday June 16th.
Jonny Lee Miller as the Creature on Thursday June 21st and Saturday June 23rd.
I've got my tickets, for both shows. I suggest you check your local listings, and get yours.

Via Cineplex.
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