Iron Man 3 Casts An Actual Marvel Villain

Reportedly, James Badge Dale has been cast as Lieutenant Colonel Eric Savin in the ready to film Iron Man 3. In the comics, Savin was in charge of  Project: Ultra-Tech until he stepped on a land mind and was rebuilt using his own technology, Bionic Man-style, into the totally non inflammatory 'Coldblood', afterwards becoming what wikipedia describes as "an urban soldier cyborg, operating as a freelance mercenary."

What's important to note about this announcement is that Coldblood is the first new character cast in Iron Man 3 that does not come directly from the Iron Man: Extremis story arc that the film is pulling it's main plot from. My guess, they'll have Savin be the military liaison for the nano-tech project Guy Pierce is running, much like Rhodes (Don Cheadle) was for Tony Stark in the first film. That gives them a military connection to Rhodes, and maybe then he'll be the first victim of the nano virus that starts turning people into machines.

Or, more likely, I'm wrong. Maybe they'll really go off the grid and actually have him be an urban soldier cyborg, operating as a freelance mercenary, which is basically a mid-nineties wet dream.

Part of me is still wondering when or if Roxxon, a shady company on par with Oscorp in the books and usually going up against Iron Man, will start playing a part in the MCU. We know they have the rights to use them, Roxxon's logo was in both of the Iron Man movies, and on the gas pump in one of the Agent Coulson shorts. I'm still surprised they didn't go with Roxxon and someone like Ghost as the main antagonists for IM3. Something from Armor Wars, which would have been the natural progression of Iron Man 2. Oh well.

Via Collider.
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