Iron Man 3 Gets More Of What It Needs; Agent Coulson Open To Returning

Warning: this post contains spoilers about The Avengers. Which, considering it has made all of the money at this point, it's unlikely you haven't seen it. And really, shame on you if you haven't. But consider yourself warned.

We'll start with the non-spoilery stuff. As mentioned above, The Avengers has succeed in making all of the money over the past month. It came in second this weekend at the box office, for the first time since it's release, with nearly $37 million, barely $20 million less the MiB3.

And Marvel is banking on all that good will towards the franchise staying with people until next summer, because they've announced that they've upped Iron Man 3's budget from $140 million to an even $200m. Which means that the third in that trilogy will cost roughly the same as the Avengers. Which, I have to wonder, isn't a little short sighted of Disney. Iron Man 2 only brought in $312m in it's total run. Granted it had bad word of mouth after it's first week. A similar take for IM3 would make the profit margin comparable to John Carter, and people have gotten fired over that film. Hell, Disney ground their version of Snow White to a dead stop because of a profit margin like that. And John Carter proved that throwing money at something to make it visually appealing won't make it better. For that you need a decent script, an interested but removed studio, and a director that cares, three things that IM2 did not have. Maybe Shane Black is really impressing them at Marvel, we'll have to wait and see if he's worth the investment, or if Marvel might be starting to get a little big in the ego. And maybe Disney is putting all of their eggs into Marvel's basket a bit too quickly.

Or maybe they needed the extra cash to pay the actors, because they have announced yet more additions to the IM3 cast. Despite rumours to the contrary, former franchise director Jon Favreau will be returning to the screen in the minor role of Tony Stark's body guard, Happy Hogan, a small Hitchcock-ian vanity role in the first film, and had a couple solid comedic moments in the sequel. One has to wonder if, without behind the camera responsibilities distracting him, the role will be expanded in the third film, or if it will be more of a 'pass the torch', Kirk in Star Trek Generations sort of thing.

They've also announced Ashley Hamilton, who is a man best known for marrying Shannon Doherty, will be playing Jack Taggart AKA Firepower, a military Iron Man suit designed specifically to stop Stark. I assume this angle will be part-and-parcel with recently announced Eric Savin, and Project: Ultra-Tech-esque elements finding their way into the film. I think what this means is, despite what people said about not wanting to see a bunch of 'robots' fighting in IM2, we're going to end up with a whole crap load of 'robots' fighting, either for or against Stark, in IM3.

Hit the jump for the spoilery bits.

Finally, Clark Gregg opened up to AICN about his thoughts on Agent Coulson over the years, how he felt about getting knifed in The Avengers, and what the future looks like. Generally, he's really cool about it. He loved working on the various films, and really dug Joss Whedon's interpretation of the character, which, lets be honest, was basically a blank slate. His description of dealing with the death was to take it in stride and play it for laughs, which reminds me of Alan Tudyk's joking about how his Serenity script ended a lot earlier then everyone else's. The important bit was this, in reference to bringing Coulson back from the dead:
"I love it, who knows? Who knows what the fans can make happen, you know what I mean? That would be hilarious to me if the fans somehow managed… It would be the fans who brought Coulson back to life...If they can come up with a scenario where it isn’t lame, I’m sure they will be open to it.”
Full disclosure: until the credits rolled, I was 100% convinced that he wasn't dead. And I went into the movie 100% certain that Whedon was going to kill him. So when it happened, it wasn't like Tara, or Wash, or Wesley. There wasn't a certainty about it. The movie goes out of it's way to seed doubt in your mind. The medics arrive instantly. Fury is the one who says he's dead (after Stark spend the movie telling us that Fury is a professional liar). Maria Hill calls Fury on the bullshit with the Captain America cards. I was certain that, in that final shot on the Helicarrier bridge, it would pull out from Hill and Fury, and Coulson would walk into shot. And then he didn't. And I think I felt more at that moment, then when he actually died. Like I was in shock for the second half of the film. Which is a credit to Joss Whedon for making me go through the stages of grief over a fictional character.

I read one suggestion online somewhere that Coulson should be brought back as the MCU equivalent of Vision. Which... no, but good try. There's more then one way to skin a cat. Or, reskin a cat? I guess, in this case...

Via The Mary Sue, Den of Geek, and again.
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