James Cameron To Make No More Movies. Good

James Cameron, the director of Aliens and Titanic, has announced that he is retiring, if not physically, then at least creatively, in an interview with the New York Times. He says:
"I’ve divided my time over the last 16 years over deep ocean exploration and filmmaking. I’ve made two movies in 16 years, and I’ve done eight expeditions. Last year I basically completely disbanded my production company’s development arm. So I’m not interested in developing anything. I’m in the “Avatar” business. Period. That’s it."
Besides coming off as an ass in the interview, which is mostly about his business dealings with China, Cameron makes it pretty clear that he's not interested in making movies that aren't Avatar anymore, and he's only interested in making Avatar movies if there are significant technological advances, which was why it took more than a decade to get the first Avatar made in the first place.

And I'm fine with all of this. I've never been a fan of Cameron, so I won't miss him. I've always felt that, as a film maker, he's a prepubescent boy. While he has an obvious eye for action sequences, his movies have always lacked subtly, or real creativity. Take Alien, for instance. Ridley Scott made a tense, moody thriller that toyed with philosophy and human nature, that played out like you were watching a Renaissance painting. Cameron's sequel, Aliens, was loud, crass, and blunt. One xenomorph wasn't enough, let them fight thousands. An out of their depth mining crew was dull, lets go with space marines. Ian Holm's death in Alien was a torturous moment of guilt and discovery. Lance Henriksen's death in Aliens was a jump scare touch of torture porn. He drained everything cerebral from the original, and just blew things up. He was the cinematic father of Michael Bay.

Having watched True Lies for the first time in a decade recently, I found the tone wildly uneven, and I am still uncertain if it was meant to be a parody of action films, in which case, it was a wildly unfunny one, or just a badly executed straight up action film. Cameron was famously forced to give Harlen Ellison an 'acknowledge' credit on Terminator. Avatar was overly long, self congratulatory, and suffered from the same cliched, child-like romantic notions that Titanic did.

I realise that this post is mostly a 'shit on James Cameron' session, and I apologise for that, didn't mean it to go that way. His funding of Planetary Resources is commendable, and the work he's done with deep water exploration is admirable. It's good that he's putting his fortune to good use. I understand his films are well loved, and respected, and lauded by some. I just don't care for them, or him, and I honestly don't think we'll have to worry about Avatar 4, because it took 15 years for the first one to get made, and the second one hasn't even been written yet.

Via The Mary Sue.
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