Karen Gillan Is A Fan Of Community. That Is All

Full disclosure: when they first introduced Inspector Spacetime on Community, I didn't like it. Sometimes, it's hard to tell if Community likes a show, or hates it (Cougar Town. I'm still not sure). Like, the difference between Shaun of the Dead style parody, and Scary Movie parody, where one is a deconstruction of the conventions and elements that persist in a genre, and the other is just mocking direct scenes from examples of the genre (the former is clever, the latter is not). Spacetime definitely felt like the latter; the Doctor Who parody was too on the nose, and yet too cartoony. I'm warming to it, but I'm certainly not losing my mind over the Inspector like the rest of the internet.

What I would lose my mind over would be a role for Karen Gillan in the fourth season, now that Community has one of those. Who knows, it might drive their rating up a notch. Certainly would be a draw for the season premier in... whenever NBC decides to air it. Community has avoided the stunt casting binges that 30 Rock and Office go on, mostly because of it's lack of success, and hasn't resorted to shameless appearances to drive their numbers up (except Jack Black/Owen Wilson in season one, which remains the oddest thing the show has done). Mostly, it's just former Daily Show correspondents. When someone does guest, it serves an actual purpose (hello, John Goodman).

So I would be fine with Gillan appearing, so long as it wasn't just in Spacetime. Make her a friend new friend of Abed's whose an even bigger Spacetime fan then him, to the point where even he thinks it's weird. That'd be fun.

Via The Mary Sue.
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