The Long Deep Tea-Time Claims Dirk Gently

Courtesy of the BBC.

The BBC has officially cancelled Dirk Gently.

I have to say, I'm not surprised. Setting aside truly undeserved comparisons with Steven Moffat's Sherlock, the show was something of a creative failure. Of the four episodes, the pilot included, only the pilot and the second episodes were enjoyable. Perhaps because of three separate writers writing stand alone episodes, the show seemed to default back to a status quo at the end of every episode, remaining disjointed and unconnected, foregoing every bit of characterisation, growth, and likablity that it manged to create from episode to episode. That, and only the pilot and episode two made any sort of internal sense.

I'm disappointed that this wasn't a better series, and therefore, a bigger success. I feel that Dirk is a character that could work in a visual medium, but this clearly wasn't his time. I'm somewhat glad to see it gone, and hope for greener pastures for Dirk.

You can read my reviews of Episodes One, Two and Three at those links.

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