M'colleague Returns?

I don't tweet. In every day small talk, I tend towards the terse, but when I'm actually expressing opinions, and developing ideas, I've always subscribed to "anyone who uses one word when they could have used ten just isn't trying hard enough." 140 characters would result in my cup runningith over. So, I wouldn't have caught this tweet from Stephen Fry. Which, considering the amount Fry tweets, actually wouldn't have been difficult.

One of the great disappointments of House was that Fry never guested as a patient. I always believed that he would have made for a great one-off character in the clinic, pestering House throughout the episode with hypochondriatic ramblings. Smart as he may be, no one plays flustered better then Fry.

They've got one episode left, maybe they'll surprise me.

Via Pajiba.
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