Prometheus Looks Like A Fun Place to Be

I've avoided watching/posting any of the newer trailers and promo materials for Prometheus, as I've heard it gets a little spoilery, and I don't want a second of this thing to be ruined before I see it. However, a slew of new press, behind the scenes, and set pictures have hit the web courtesy of Entertainment Weekly that are spoiler free. I'm only going to post two, and you can go here to check out the rest. The two I'm posting, I have thoughts on.

First, the shot above. No matter how dour the film may be, at least it looks like they had fun making it. Has it been well established that Charlize Theron is a massive nerd? Why else would someone repeatedly take roles in movies like ├ćon Flux and Hancock, if they weren't either Cuba Gooding Jr-level desperate, or 'one of us'. She's got two movies coming out this year, both are genre pieces. She obviously has a good sense of humour, considering her appearances Between Two Ferns and Arrested Development, but for all her dramatic roles, she does seem to love the sci-fi/fantasy. And I'm OK with that. If Marvel opted to go with the Ultimate interpretation of Carol Danvers, Theron would have been my choice. For a more conventional version, I went another way.

I'm really digging these space suits. They've got a futuristic, almost Tron vibe to them, but the giant bubble helmets are a real call back to fifties style pulp sci-fi. It's funny, the old magazines and movies always had space suits as flimsy, tight things. Then, the Apollo missions had real, big and bulky and slow to move in suits, and thus followed the movie designs. And now, we're coming back around to the flimsy suits, because that's what the future may actually be. Science is awesome.
Via /Film.
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