Remember, There's A Spider-Man Movie Coming Out This Summer? Remember...

First of all, I'm glad that this trailer makes it very clear that Gwen Stacey knows that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. I'm not a fan of the 'keeping a secret identity from the ones you love' story lines, mostly because it just creates false drama, or in the case of Lois Lane, makes the character look incredible dumb for not having figured it out themselves. And, it gives the hero an instant ally.

Second, this trailer makes it look like the movie starts with Parker already Spider-Man, if early in his career. I doubt this is the case, but if it was, my respect for Marc Webb would instantly double. Before Iron Man, not everybody knew how Tony Stark became Iron Man. But long before Raimi's Spider-Man, everyone knew how Peter Parker became the web slinger. He's one of the few comics characters that has seeped into the collective public consciousness. We don't need to see him get bit by a spider in an infinite number of ways every time the franchise gets 'rebooted'. Just like we don't need to see Bruce Wayne' parents get shot in the next Batman after Nolan leaves, or we never, never need to see Krypton explode, ever again (screw you, Zack Synder).

As much as the moaning at the start of the trailer annoys me, I'm glad to see Spidey cracking jokes while in the costume. I hope in the actual film, he never shuts up. It's part of the character's defence mechanism; his way of coping with a giant lizard throwing cars at his head is that he just stream-of-consciousness talks. Toby Maguire was practically mirthless and almost always silent, more like a brooding Batman to a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

If I had to guess, considering that the whole reboot was to bring the movies closer in tone to The Ultimate Spider-Man, that they're using the Ultimate Origins plot for the Parker Parents, in that they were doing top level research into genetics, and were killed when one of their experiments goes wrong. Or, they are killed by a business partner when they refuse to sell tier research. It doesn't really matter, none of the explanations for their deaths have been good. People don't seem to want to just leave it at "they were killed in a plane crash" and move on. The Parker Parents are about as important as Jor-El, in that their lives mean nothing. It is their deaths that are important, and that trying to increase their role in any way is detrimental to their effect on the protagonist's development (seriously, screw you, Zack Synder).

Finally, the mysterious figure cloaked in shadow, interrogating Curt Conners sounds, to my ears, exactly like character actor Michael Massee, who would be great as Miles Warren, who according to wikipedia:
"is an Empire State University biology professor who becomes infatuated with Peter Parker's girlfriend, Gwen Stacy. After she dies during a battle between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin, Warren becomes a demented geneticist and clones both Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker. He gains enhanced strength and agility by combining the genetic material of an actual jackal with his own. He fancies to genetic tampering of Spider-Man DNA which first results in the Clone Saga, and the later infestation of Spider-Island where millions of New Yorkers develop manifestations of Spider-Man's radioactive powers."
Sounds like the perfect set up for a sequel to me.
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