Revolution: The Newest High Concept Show To Eventually Be Cancelled Without Revealing Anything

I am so sick of NBC right now. Their fall schedule sucks. They're forsaking scripted drama for singing and dancing shows (to be fair, so is everyone else), they moved Community to Fridays behind Whitney (though, this may prove a good thing since it's away from Big Bang Theory). Really, the only good thing they've done in the past week is given Parks and Recreation a full season pick up, compared to the half seasons everything else got.

And now we've got the trailer for the newest J.J. Abrams produced mystery-based sci-fi series, Revolution. Much is being made of Jon Favreau directing the pilot, but little is being made of Eric Kripke, the guy who created the surprisingly enjoyable Supernatural, is leading the writing team. And that's about where the good news ends, because this show looks terrible. It's every post-apocalypse scenario we've seen a dozen times that doesn't involve zombies, plague victims, or robots. The trailer is equal parts The Book of Eli, Terra Nova, 9, Life After People, and standard crappy network drama. what about sci-fi do networks feel needs to have operatic over acting? Terra Nova was terrible for that, and even Mr. Fring himself doesn't seem immune here.

The worst thing, though, is the MacGuffin. The teasers for this series were laughably bad. "A future where all energy has disappeared." Really? All energy? So, entropy is at a maximum, heat death has occurred, all interaction, to the atomic scale, has ceased and the universe is inert? Or, did you mean 'electricty', but were trying to sound cool. The trailer makes it clear they meant electricity, but realised that sounded dumb.

But it's not, actually. This is a very real danger, to us, in the real world. It's a possible side effect of a direct hit from a solar flare. Hell, the news was freaking out about it back in March. A direct hit from a high level solar flare would fry electronics, overload the grid and burn the insulated wires in the lines. And most cities don't keep replacements, certainly not on the scale that they would be required, and with the power off, we wouldn't be able to manufacture more.

Do we really need to keep trying to replicate LOST? Get over it, it was lighting in a bottle. Nothing will be able to do what it did, to so many, again. The solar flare thing is a real threat, why not make an interesting series about what happens after that. It's real science. Not a magic USB key and a LOST style computer from the eighties.

The one thing I did like about this trailer. It uses a screen shot from the short film Ruin, which I posted a long while back. Apparently, J.J. was a fan of Wes Ball's film, and asked to use the image of the over grown bridge. Go back and watch Ruin, I can almost certainly promise you you'll have a better time then when this series drops in the fall.

That final image, of the title over the Earth, conjures bad memories of Heroes, and makes me think of revolutions of the planet. Which isn't what they were going for at all.

Via Topless Robot and /Film.
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