She Got The Idea from William Shatner

Children aren't really my thing. I've always felt like they're one of those things that is better in theory then in practise. You think it'll be fine, that you'll end up with an eloquent, witty, imaginative, awesome little adult. Basically Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes, or the little geniuses that populate movie world, that use three dollar words, and can hold their own in a philosophical discussion. Instead, what you get is a loud, fluid machine that steals your money, your energy, and seems intent on licking everything. I've works with kids of all ages, and I can tell you, I'm not a fan.

However, the internet is a wonderful filter, keeping the riff raff outside in their filthy t-shirts, and their bubble gum and inability to remain calm around loud noises that aren't generated from within, and highlights those kids who are awesome. Like the girl above, who sparked a Reddit discussion when her father posted that picture under "This Is Why My Daughter Is Cooler Than Yours." It's hard to argue, so long as she chose to dress up as a ghostbuster on her own, and wasn't 'suggested' into it by a father desperate to prove himself on the internet. If the latter, then shame on you sir. If the former, excellent job. You've managed to create a fine human being.

To read the discussion, and see some of the other daughters fathers posted in an attempt to prove breeding is worth while, if only for the nerd points, head over to Reddit. I'm not going to post any of the others because, even though it's all perfectly innocent, something about linking to pictures of other people's children makes me reallly uncomfortable. If you don't know that feeling, TURN YOURSELF IN!

Via The Mary Sue.
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