Sherlock and... umm, That Other Guy To Bring Frankenstein To Life

Danny Boyle made some waves last year when he put on a short run of Frankenstein starring Jonny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch. The trick was, the two traded roles of Dr. Frankenstein and his monster every night, an idea they must have gotten from that Mitchell and Webb Look sketch where they trade off playing Holmes and Watson. It was, apparently, a huge success, and Boyle has filmed these performances, and will be releasing them to North American theatres in the coming months. I assume he must have edited together several performances, so Miller will be the beast in the first act, then trade off in the second, rinse, repeat. Otherwise, we wouldn't get the intended effect. Either way, though, I'm buying a ticket when it comes to my nearest cinetorium.

Personal Side Note:

I often tell people I have a rare form of dyslexia that doesn't make things unreadable, just more interesting. For example, a couple weeks ago, a newspaper headline read:
Did navy exercises doom rare whale?
Which I read as:
Did navy experience doom whale?
Which immediately made me want to read the article, because I wanted to know what a doom whale was, and why in the hell would the navy want to piss it off. It's a freaking doom whale. Then I was sad when I realised my mistake, and that there wasn't such a thing as a doom whale, though there should be. Right now. GET ON IT, SCIENCE!

So, it was with a considerable amount of shame (shame, is that the one that feels like old tapioca?) that someone pointed out to me that since 2009, I have been saying, and repeating, and typing on this very site, Benedict Cumberpatch. That's with a 'p'. Despite all the times I've seen it in print, and on TV, I never realised (it's been pointed out) that it is in fact Cumberbatch, with a 'b'. I apologise to Mr Batch and his family, and mine, apparently, though I don't know if this new (read: actual) version of his name is more or less Britishy then what I was apparently just making up.

So, there you go. A rare moment of humanity from my disgruntled self. They're few and far between, so soak it up.

Via The Mary Sue.
Did navy exercises doom rare whale?
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