Small Child Hates The Kardashians. He Should Ally Himself With Captain Sisko

I don't hate the Kardashians, because they aren't worth the energy it takes to hate them. In the same way that it doesn't matter what colour your socks are in the morning, or if they match your trousers, the Kardashians are inconsequential. Certainly, they've part of the degradation of our modern western culture, but really they're more a symptom then a cause. Enough antibiotics should clear it right up.

A small child disagrees, and apparently believes the best way to deal with them is to send in the Hulk to take them out, Loki style. And I'm OK with that. Put that on TV, and I'd watch it. Just don't take this as an invitation to have them cameo in the next Avengers movie. Do you here Marvel, that would not be cool.

Via Warming Glow.
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