This Is "This Is Forty"

I quite liked 40 Year Old Virgin, which I believe, so did everyone else. I thought Knocked Up was OK, though Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann were the best part and didn't get enough screen time (together or apart). I thought Funny People was a terrible mess of a film, two films actually, one a semi-serious movie about a comedian getting cancer (hilarity!) and the other a twisted horror film about a former lover stalking his girlfriend and family. Neither produced a single laugh, resulting in an overly long misery session that made myself and everyone in the theatre with me uncomfortable.

So, I'm glad that Judd Apatow's new film is more Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann, and less Seth Rogan and hopefully no miserable cancer stalking. Though, you can't be sure, since this first trailer reveals nothing about the film other than Leslie Mann plays the same kind of terrible character she always does, and that Paul Rudd has eyes, and will use them to look confused at you.
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