Woman Builds Wonder Woman Costume That Is Better Than The One NBC Came Up With

That lady there is Sarah Scott, who designed the costume she is wearing with Hermes Terceiro. As you can see, it is a very good (really, very good) variation on Wonder Woman's costume. They, in fact, even did a version based on the '90's biker chick outfit the character wore briefly before the New 52 kicked in. You remember, the whole Pants Fiasco?

Hit the jump to see more of Ms Scott, and my disappointment.

Remember now?
In the comics, that was a terrible costume, but somehow, in the real world, it kind of works. The leather jacket could only be more nighties if it ended mid-torso, but it still looks very good.

I mention this only because, it makes me realise how much NBC really doesn't care anymore. Because these were two people, alone, without backing from any major film or television production studio, and they came up with these. NBC created a pilot, starring actual actors, written by real writers, and featuring a costume designed by trained costume designers, people who have presumably worked in film and television before. And they came up with this dollar store Halloween reject:

Her power is blinding people with the shine off her pants
I have always felt that Wonder Woman's costume was one of the worst in comics. Greek mythology is one of my areas of expertise, as it were, and the bathing suit with an American eagle never, ever sat right with me (Scott still uses the eagle, but whatever). For my money, the closest the comics ever got to a decent Wonder Woman costume was after the One Year Later jump, when Donna Troy wore this:

Why? It's actual armour. Granted, historically*, an Amazon would have been more likely to wear hardened leather, with a bronze breast plate a vague possibility. And really, she ought to have a helmet too, but then you wouldn't be able to see her face, which I guess is important, somehow. I mean, we don't need to see Batman's face, do we? Flash? Green Lantern? Does Wonder Woman need to have her pretty face exposed to swords and fists? Does Black Canary? Does Zatanna? Why is Batgirl the only one in a mask, because it follows the Bat-trend?

My point is, I really enjoy Ms Scott's design. Shield, sword, skirt, leather chaise. All the elements a decent ancient Greek combat uniform needs. Good on you, lass.

Via The Mary Sue and Fashionably Geek.

*by which I mean, mythically. Amazons weren't real, people. Maybe. Probably.
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  1. Side note.... Photography by Superhero Photography by Adam Jay... Thanks!! Great article!

  2. Cute idea!Wonder women in black costume looks too good.I really like this.