Ancient Machine Brought To Life Using Danish Toys

Who built the first computer? Wrong, it was the Greeks. The ancient Greeks.

Around 100 BCE, someone (assumed to be Hipparchus or Archimedes) built the bronze device to calculate the occurrences of Olympics, phases of the moon, and eclipse. It was a complex set of gears calibrated to the Egyptian calendar, and could be readjusted manually for leap years. It represents the first recorded time in history that complex, exact calculations were carried out by a machine, unaided or guided by a human, and was the last time that such work was attempted until the 14th century. And then it was lost to history. Until pieces were discovered in 1900 off the coast of the island Antikythera, thus giving the device it's modern name, the Antikythera Mechanism (and that is a kick ass name). It wasn't studied until the 1950's, and even Jacques-Yves Cousteau got involved in looking for pieces.

And now, the device was been recreated in Legos, because is there anything they can't do? It's not real Legos though, it's Lego Technic, which is like calling post-Roth Van Halen Van Halen. Technically it's true, but only in name, not in spirit.

Via PhysOrg.
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