Boldly Going, In Economy Size

ll those little ships along the bottom: real. In either the past, the present, or the very close future, those ships are the ones that have carried cargo, monkeys, and even a few men into 'space'. I say 'space' because only the Apollo craft actually left near Earth orbit. I heard a scale reference once that if the earth were the size of a desktop globe, and the moon were a metre away, the space station would orbit at the width of a penny pressed against the globe's surface. That is not space. That is 'space'. It's an important place to be, but it isn't even a bite of that particular enchilada. It's not even a nibble.

Two things I love most about this image. That the Enterprise is listed as 'in development', and that one of the crafts is named 'Rus'.

Hermes, Orion, Dragon, and Rus. Guess who gets teased at the experimental space craft parties.
Click here to see an image with no Enterprise, more ships, organised by country of origin.

Via Geekologie.
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