Bruce Campbell Continues To Be Spider-man's Greatest Enemy

Bruce Campbell's roles in the first three Spider-man films were initially down to his good friend Sam Raimi being behind the camera. The joke was in the first one, he created him, in the second he defeated him, in the third he embarrassed him, and if there had been a fourth, Campbell would have ended up actually killing Spider-man and taking his identity.

So that he is involved in the Amazing Spider-man game is a testament to how awesome Bruce Campbell is. Amazing has no connection to the original three films, and yet here Campbell is, continuing to be Spider-man's greatest, most annoying foe. In this case, it's someone called The Extreme Reporter, who forces Spidey to do a series of challenges.

And that is as much of an excuse as I need to post a story about Bruce Campbell.

Via ComicsAlliance.
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