But Will They Go On Double Secret Probation?

You know what I miss? Back in the early days of Pixar, when they had to plan and start making films so far ahead, that during the release of their newest picture, we'd get a plot-unrelated teaser for the next year's film. It was an annual thing. A new Pixar film, and the promise of another new Pixar film. The one I enjoyed the most was Mr. Incredible's pants not fitting. When did that stop? Around Cars, maybe? Cars is the last one I can remember.

So, it makes my heart happy to see the first teaser for Monster University coming out attached to Brave. Monsters Inc. was my favourite Pixar film for the longest time, and still ranks pretty close to the top. As much as I'm looking froward to Brave this weekend, I'm looking forward to this one more.
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