Caroline John, The First Companion In Colour, Has Died

Courtesy of the BBC

Caroline John, who is best remembered for having played Dr. Liz Shaw, the first companion to Jon Pertwee's Third Doctor, died earlier this month. John was also the first companion to appear on the program once it went to colour.

She only appeared in four stories, during the seventh season, but in that time she encounters the Nestene Consciousness, and the Silurians. She also set the blueprint for the majority of female companions that would come after her. No longer were they flaky damsels in distress. After John, they were intelligent, strong, independent woman (right up until Peri) who could hold there own against, and without, the Doctor. While she only lasted a year, she was clearly the biggest influence on the creation of the ultimate companion, Sarah Jane Smith, at the end of the Third's run.

Personally, I much preferred John over Kate Manning's Jo Grant. Shaw had a more dedicated, earnest sense to her that better fit her position in UNIT, and made her the perfect companion to the Brig as well. It is very sad that within the past year, we've lost Sladen, Courtney, and John.

Taking the slow path well and truly sucks.

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