Christopher Nolan Would Like To Direct A Bond Film. Let Him

When he first mentioned it to the BBC back in 2010 while doing Inception duty, nobody really took him seriously. But, on the heels of the release of Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan is talking about the future, and he would very much like that future shaken, not stirred.

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Nolan said of the Bond films that they "stood for the promise of being taken to some place bigger than you could have imagined. In dealing with the human mind and dreams, my mind naturally gravitates towards the Bond films as that sort of expression of cinematic potential."

The Bond films have always embraced what is possible to do on film, and pushed the boundaries slightly. First with stunts, then with CGI, Bond has always used what is new to the best of it's abilities, which does actually date them severely when looking back. But at the time, they tend towards the cutting edge. And Bond is a cultural icon, and like Star Trek, a cultural influence. Gadgets that appeared in Connery's Bond films might have bordered on science fiction. Now, possibly because of Bond, they are part of our every day lives. Everybody made fun of the invisible Aston in Die Another Day, but when the audience can hold in their pocket a device lighter and smaller, and do more, then the watches Bond used to wear, you have to take it to extremes.

The Craig-era Bond films are definitely the product of the Bourne and Taken style of action film. Tighter, and more intimate. Which, I've felt hasn't been a good fit. Bond is larger then life, and his stunts and adventures need to express that. I think Nolan is the perfect person to bring a more psychological edge to Bond, while also able to make big, impressive things happen. Inception and Dark Knight are really all the evidence you need to see how a Nolan Bond might operate.

The question is, would Nolan be given the level of control he would require to make his vision of Bond, or would he be scaled back, and forced to make someone else's Bond for them? I think Nolan is the single man version of Pixar: top shelf, consistent quality, who has earned the right to do whatever they want.

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