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Marriage isn't really my thing. You kind of have to be into spending time with people, expressing non-film related emotions, and generally care for someone else before you can think about getting hitched. Though, considering the divorce rates, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe all you really have to do is put a baby inside someone.

Anyway, If I were going to propose/get proposed to, this is the way I would choose. Because, at this point, it's more about the bit then anything else. And everyone knows that a marriage that starts in dinosaurs ends... in dinosaurs? I honestly don't know where I was going with that, but now I want to see that.

So congrats to Paleontologist Lee Hall, on being awesome, and to Paleontologist Ashley Fragomeni, for being so much more so. Because a girl that is willing to travel to the sight of the filming of the 'Grant scares the shit out of the little kid' scene in Jurassic Park, act out that scene, get proposed to, say yes, and think the whole thing is terribly romantic: she's a keeper.

Am I wrong in wanting the raptor claw more then the ring?

Via Dino Tracking.
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