Craig Ferguson Is (In) Brave

I've spoken of my admiration for Craig Ferguson before. He's a fan of Doctor Who, he's the only late night chat show host that doesn't put on airs about what he's doing, and once he got Poppy Montgomery to admit to owning a Latex Batgirl suit (a horse I will continue to flog for as long as I can). He's also the only late night host I've seen that the guests seem genuinely at ease talking to, and the only one that genuinely seems to care about what they have to say. Of course, it usually just ends up being penis and boob jokes, but at least he owns it. And, he usually has on guests that are obscure, or at least less prone to be big A-List, PR types.

Point of fact, after doing an entire week of shows from Scotland in May, on Monday, Craig devoted the entire episode to both Scotland, and the promotion of the new Pixar film Brave, which is set in Scotland and stars Craig Ferguson. Guests included First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond (who bestows Craig with Scotland's highest honour), Kelly MacDonald (whom I'm a tiny bit in love with), and Kevin McKidd (who is ginger).

Now, full disclosure, I love the Scottish accent. I'll listen to anyone say even the most hurtful things to me if they do it is a brash Glaswegian. So, I was right in my glory during this. And I get to continue being happy that Pixar came to their senses and hired an actual Scot to play their Scottish princess instead of Reese Witherspoon.

Brave comes out tomorrow. Go see it.

Also, apparently there was a rumour on twitter that Arsenio Hall would be replacing Craig. This is not true, also apparently. Why? Because this isn't the 1980's, and Drew Carey is no longer fat.
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