Dark Knight Rises Fan Posters Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

The recently released Rise/Rain posters featuring Batman, Catwoman and Bane are by far the best promotional material released for the upcoming Dark Knight Rises. But the internet, being what is it, recognised a flaw in Warner Bros. campaign: in three films, the focus has been on Batman almost exclusively.

Given no attention are the real heroes of the films: the support. Be it technical, moral, or logistical, the triumvirate of Gordon, Fox, and Pennyworth (which sounds like a kickass law firm) are the whole reason that Batman has succeeded, and indeed that Batman exists at all. And it is time to honour that service.

Hit the jump for Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, and just 'cause, Matthew Modine and Liam Neeson.

Via Flicks and Bits, and Imgur.
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