Dark Knight Rises Might Not Suck? I'm So Confused...

This new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises is probably the best yet. A lot of the footage is stuff we've seen, but some, including two separate punch ups between Bane and Batman, we haven't. One thing that Nolan's films have been light on is Batman fist fighting, which is odd considering that a good chunk of the first movie was devoted to him training to fight in close combat.
A couple things I like about this trailer. One, I like that Batman's absence has led to his urban legend status. One aspect I like about Batman compared to other heroes is, or was in the beginning, the uncertainty of his existence. He's not Superman or Wonder Woman, he doesn't left people know he's physically there, it's his effect on the city that let you know he's there. So that they are playing up the "was he real" angle is very cool.

And second, I'm really starting to dig Bane. His "Mr. Wayne" line to a fully costumed Batman is awesome, and him catching the punch and kicking Batman away looks great. This trailer also has a shot of Catwoman actually Catwomaning, doing a back flip out a window, which is also very cool.

But the best thing about this trailer is the line that clearly states this is a conclusion to Nolan's films, which have been about confronting and overcoming fear. The line, "I'm not afraid. I'm angry." The only way that line could be better is if, in the film, it ends with "I'm Batman."

Via Topless Robot.
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