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Two bits of Doctor Who news to report. First, the title of the first episode has been announced, and it follows the trend of naming conventions dating back to the Third Doctor episode Death to the Daleks. As was previously established, the first episode will feature appearances from every single Dalek from across the history of the show, and we now know that it will be called Asylum of the Daleks. What do you think, someone is collecting Daleks from throughout time? Those early ones that run on static electricity will be a pinch to beat.

Second, and much more excitingly, last series' best new character might be returning for an episode in the new year. Neve McIntosh, who has played all the female Silurians since they returned to the series, may well be returning to the role of Madame Vastra, one half of the lesbian Victorian mystery team that screamed for a spin off (or at least a one off special) last year in A Good Man Goes To War. Lesbian Lizard Lady of Lower London is a show I would watch the hell out of.

My only hesitation is that Moffat's characters tend to do best in singular appearances. River, the Angels, Churchill, the Silence, the idea of the Silence. All fantastic in their first goes around, but suffering from (in some cases extreme) depreciation of value with each reappearance. The trick, you see, is not to go back to the well too many times.

Via Den of Geek, and again.
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