Exciting Doesn't Even Begin To Explain It

It is amazing to think that from the beginning of human history, to 1995, the total number of planets were were aware of, in the entire universe, was 8.5 (I'm giving Pluto half a credit for many years of dedicated, yet fraudulent, service). Since 1995, but really only in the last couple years, as our technologies have improved and our methods become more exact, that number has ballooned to 786, and more are being discovered daily. There were 65 years between the discovery of Uranus and Neptune, and on a galactic scale, they're sitting in our soup (in this galactic scale, the universe is a restaurant, apparently).

I love with when xkcd makes scale images. And this planets one really makes you sit back, and pause for a moment of pure wonder. People have asked me why I haven't tried taking mind altering drugs. I say, if I want my mind altered, I just look at stuff like this.

Via xkcd.
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