First Official Pictures Of New Doctor Who Companion

So, there they are folk, the new TARDIS crew. Back when he began, Smith said he wanted the Doctor's costume to evolve over the course of the show, be organic and reflect the Doctor's adventures and conditions. Hence, the fez, the stetson, the tweed. And I am really digging the subdued, pre-Edwardian look of the muted jacket and waistcoat (I'm not biased because I myself, wear waistcoats. Waistcoats are cool).

But gorramit to seven hells, the new companion, apparently named Clara, looks exactly like Amy.

I don't mean similar to Amy. I mean, to my eyes, she looks exactly like Amy. The costume, the actress, even her hair looks reddish in that picture.

I reserve the right to be impressed with her performance when the episodes air [updated: I was]. But everything we've seen to this point suggest to me that this companion, like the majority of the companions since the revival, will be nothing but a retread.

Hit the jump to see the other official picture, some less then official pics of 'Clara' and the Doc on set, and the Doc's old-timey specs.

Via Den of Geek and The Mary Sue.
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