Fringe Ends In The Future

Courtesy of FOX
Official word from Walter Bishop himself, John Noble, the final season of Fringe will take place almost entirely in the horrible future ruled by Observers, as seen in the 20th episode of last season. Found footage will be the only link to the past, and help fill in the gaps of how these things came to pass.

I love that Fringe has been willing to shake up the status quo right from day one. Alternate universe, strand a character in said universe, completely rewrite the timeline, and now jump forward into a future where Desmond is trapped in amber. Though it burned me slightly that by the end of last season, basically all of the changes of the alternate, Peterless time line had been undone. So, I wonder if they'll stick with the Observer future, and drive them out there, or if time travel will ensue to make certain the future never comes to pass, which on this show, would feel like a cheat.

We'll have to wait a few months to find out, I guess.

Via Den of Geek.
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