I Could Build One Of Those... I Just Don't Want To

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Futalognkosaurus was a titanic Sauropod that lived 87 million years ago in what is now Argentina. The first remains were discovered in 2000, and today are the showcase fossil at the Royal Ontario Museum's exciting new exhibit, Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants form Gondwana, running from June 26th to Jan 4th.

And here, you can see a time-lapse video of Research Casting International (they built the lobby skeletons from the climax of Jurassic Park, and countless museum pieces) assembling the skeleton of this 34 metre, 40 ton beast. It took just over nine hours to complete.

I've been looking forward to this exhibit since last winter, when I was at the ROM to see their Dinosaur Eggs: Out of the Vault display. And, of course, their regular collection is a fantastic one, if somewhat cramped, featuring fossils of (among others) Quetzalcoatlus, Allosaurus, and my personal favourite, Parasaurolophus.

If you can this summer and fall, check out Ultimate Dinosaurs. And if you see a solitary, bearded man in a damned fine hat, do not panic. His visual acuity is based on movement.

Via The Toronto Star.
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