I Honestly Don't Mean To Keep Posting About Avengers Stuff. Really, I Don't

That photo is the first set-pic, taken by some unscrupulous individual, of Iron Man 3. You may be asking yourself, "when did Tony Stark and Captain America have a baby, that would look not at all out of place at a NASCAR race?" They didn't. That is the Iron Patriot, which is totally a name the US would give an advanced weapon.

In the comics, it was an outdated Iron Man suit worn by Norman Osbourne during the Dark Avengers storyline (basically, bad guys assuming the Avenger's roles). Apparently, it's James Badge Dale inside there, who the cast reports said would be playing Eric Savin. I guess, instead of Colblood, he'll be doing suit duty, which is much more in keeping with the MCU then the Colblood origins. It's been two years in-universe since Rhodey stole the War Machine, I suppose this is the government's Mark 2. Clearly, the presence of Captain America in the present has had an effect on the culture.

So all those times I said they really ought to be doing Armor Wars instead of Extremis, I guess I was right? It seemed, after Whiplash, to the be natural progression of the series.

In other news, Kevin "I made all of the money" Feige has stated that Thanos will not be the villain in Thor 2, that the threat Thor faces will be Asgardian or similar, and that Thanos won't play back into the MCU until a Guardians of the Galaxy movie gets made. Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale) is also likely to be playing whichever villain Thor does go up against.

I'm all for this. Seed, man, seed. You've done it brilliantly up to this point, don't stop now. Introduce more of the cosmos (and cosmic threats) in Thor 2, which allows for the Guardians, who aren't human, or from Earth, and would face Thanos. Then Thanos could move on, towards Earth, in the Avengers sequel. Thanos could be the next Loki (moving from isolated enemy to global villain). And then be defeated by Squirrel Girl.

Feige has done a fine job up to now. I trust that he sees where he's going with this.

Via Den of Geek and Collider.
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