Iron Man 3 Has Potential

That is the first official picture taken on the set of Iron Man 3. It reveals nothing, but is the perfect example of continuity among the films. It showcases every single Iron Man suit, from the original cave suit at the far left, to the Avengers design on the right. But in terms of details, the fan-snapped photos have been much more revealing.

Like this one.

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If you've never read a Marvel comic, that means nothing to you. However, if you have read Marvel comics, you'll know that AIM is one of the many, many shady organisations in the Marvel universe that, through their own hubris, created a supervillain. Specifically, this guy:

That is M.O.D.O.K., or Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing (again, nice with the subtly). Suddenly, desperately, I want this to be the villain Ben Kingsley is playing. So very badly.

And finally, a bit of fictional Iron Man news, artist SgtHK posted the following image on their portfolio page.

That is a movie design-inspired version of Pepper Pott's armour, Rescue. It's labelled Iron Maiden, but it's really just Rescue. Except for the exposed pony tail (which might work if it were a Whiplash-style lanyard), I really dig this design, and honestly do think we'll see something like it in the new film.

Every casting and set news we've got suggests that something resembling Armor Wars is going down. Tony and Rhody are going to be surrounded by suited villains, and will need all the back up they can get. Avengers already established that Pepper is a much more integrated part of the company's future now, getting her into Rescue is a logical progression, of both the film series, and for the characters. You know, keep it in the family. And, just like in the comics, she can give up being Rescue as soon as she isn't needed anymore.

Via The Mary Sue, and Topless Robot.

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