It's Just Like Madonna

The newest trailer for Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes has arrived, and it speaks!

Some people are really getting worked up about it, as they do. I have only this one comment: the villains all sound great, and the heroes all sound terrible (we only hear Batman, Superman, and Martian Manhunter speak, and they all sounds basically the same. I don't know what Green Lantern sounds like, and wouldn't it be hilariously sexist of them if Wonder Woman was silent through the entire thing?).

I get that that Batman is a much more marketable product, but why not just make this a Lego Justice League game? At least that title wouldn't have been as clumsy as LB2:DCSH. And, wouldn't it have been fun to see Lego versions of other DC villains, instead of just Batman's rogues, and Luthor. Does the Justice League really need to get called in when the Gotham City Rogues go nutty all at once. Wasn't that the plot to the first game. Batman seemed to do fine on his own then. Does the addition of Luthor really crank up the villain to hero ratio that much? I'd have rather wanted a Lego Brainiac, or a Lego Gorilla Grodd. Hell, even a Lego Sinestro.

Hell, I'll still probably play it.

Via Topless Robot.
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