Lara Croft Raids Her First Tomb, Or Something

I've stuck with the Tomb Raider series through all it's editions, and I honestly can't tell you why. It's not the digital boobs, because I'm not a twelve year old boy. And it's not the game play, which has been wildly inconsistent, and always frustrating, and I'm not even a fan of puzzle based exploration games. I like to shoot things, and for them then to explode.

I suspect it's my OCD more then anything: I'm an obsessive completionist. If I have something, I have to have all the rest of the somethings, as fast as I can. So, when a new Tomb Raider game comes out, a horrid little voice in the back of my skull says "You have the rest of them, it'd be a shame not to have all of them." I might be safe with this newest title, Tomb Raider, because I don't have a current gen console system. Of course, I could end up buying a copy and setting it on the shelf just to make the voice stop filtering Chumbawamba's Tubthumping into my cerebellum.

It's another reboot to the series, which, when you have to pulverise the number of reboots a series has had, maybe it's time to move on, and is meant to bring Lara Croft into a more realistic setting. I like the idea of having Lara's wounds get worse over time, thus affecting game play, but I was disappointed about halfway through the trailer when the commando fellows show up. I was hoping that the plane crashed on a freaky King Kong/LOST style island, covered in crazy cannibal folk. Thus, giving them an opportunity to revisit the old T. rex valley sequence from the original.

So, yeah, I'm disappointed that the new game is too realistic.

Via Den of Geek.
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