Let The Music Play On The Big Screen

2011/2012 was meant to be a big year for Jim Henson properties. It was meant to see the release of a new Muppet movie (which it did, and it was wonderful). It was meant to see the return of Henson creations to the small screen (which they haven't yet, but they're working on it). And it was meant to see the return of the Fraggles in the form of a movie, which never even came close to happening.

But it might now. Grain of salt time, people, but then again, who thought that Jason Segal would be the one to return the Muppets to their former glory. Jim Byrkit and Alex Manugian have been hired to write a new script that would let us return to Fraggle Rock. Byrkit was a co-writer on Rango, which I very much enjoyed, and Manugian oversaw work at the Cartoon Network in the first decade of this century.

So long as they remember that Henson's original idea for Fraggle Rock was to create an intelligent piece of educational programming that was about acceptance, social morality, personal identity and friendship, and not go all Michael Bay on the idea, then I'm fine with whoever is writing it.

Via The Mary Sue.
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