Liam Neeson Still Has A Particular Set Of Skills

Taken was a great film. Simple, well directed, fantastically acted, and strangely genuine for what is basically two hours of Liam Neeson punching people in the throat. So, when it was a hit, and they announced the inevitable sequel, Taken 2, I was hesitant. It was a great stand alone story, it didn't set up, or cry for, a followup. But this trailer looks pretty damned fun. It's basically the same stuff as the first, except it's the ex-wife that gets taken, as revenge against all the bloodshed Neeson caused the first time around. And, the daughter get in on the throat punching.

My only insistence. You have Famke Janssen playing the ex-wife (oddly Xander Berkley-less in the trailer). This is a woman who played not only Jean grey, but also a Bond villain who got off on squeezing people to death with her thighs. If she doesn't get a chance to punch at least one throat, that is a shameful waste.

You know that if this were the eighties, this movie would be called Taken: Again.
Via /Film.
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